My Story

Newport Wine Cellar emerged out of a passion for food and wine, but also out of a need for conversation about and around a food and wine culture.  I love to talk with people about how and why they make wine, how they enjoy it and share it with others, what foods they love to make, and the stories that then emerge from those meals.  I opened the shop in 2008 in an effort to inspire and be inspired by these stories.

My philosophy is simple: find unique wines, beers, and spirits that are naturally and thoughtfully produced and that give us pleasure and share those with my customers. With the addition of le petit gourmet, in November of 2009, the conversation has expanded beyond wine to include the foods that we share, indulge in and nourish on. And, last year we added a full kitchen, so we can feed you, too.  Anyone who loves food and wine ultimately wants to feed the people they love.

I hope to impart to you my passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm, and I hope to do so without the attitude that sometimes accompanies and diminishes food and wine shopping.

My shops features high quality, small production, hand crafted, unique wines, craft beers, and boutique spirits, as well as artisanal cheeses and gourmet products from all regions. We serve a fresh lunch prepared from locally sourced ingredients.  We offer weekly wine tastings and regular seminars to introduce you to new wines and foods and create a connection within our community.

I look forward to welcoming you to the shops and inspiring you to eat, drink, and think,

cheers, Maria