just a quick update

The truth is that I installed a kitchen in the gourmet shop because I thought that I could relieve myself of the stress, expense, and hassle of finding decent prepared foods for my customers, but what I did, in reality, was create a third job for myself.  Okay, we live and learn.  Good news is that people seem to like it, but ( and, of course, there is always the other part, right?) I am seriously overwhelmed by how much work this is.  I am just barely getting the stuff cooked in time for the afternoon lunch, so I will have to take a hall pass temporarily on the posts that I promised.  I am going to get there, but for now I better just get the food cooked, and try to do that well.  Always new challenges that keep me striving to do all of this better for you and for myself....all for the love of food and wine, it is my mission;)  

I am about to revise the menu for spring veggies...send me your favorite soup recipes.  Please, keep it simple!  I won't make anything with more than 7 ingredients( two of which are salt & pepper), and if making it requires that I hunt for days for some esoteric ingredient only found in the underbelly of the dragon, save that one for someone more courageous than me!


cheers, m