Come si dice....

Okay, finally found a little wifi in Sicily, so I have a minute to write to you all about the fun (I mean work) that I am doing. It has been a quick couple of days already, which reminds me how fast time flies when one is enjoying oneself, as the saying goes. I have had a few meals here in Sicily, and as yet, I have not been wowed, though I have had very good food and very nice wine...and, I have observed a couple of things.

First, Italian people are very kind. I know what you are going to say, "Maria, you are Italian, naturally you would say that!" Well, those that know me, know that I have never really self-identified as italian....I am a citizen of the world, or an American, so my observation is a fair one. And, this comes from my experience of attempting to speak Italian at restaurants. They are patient, speak English mixed with Italian, and then compliment my Italian, all of which make me supremely happy. So far, I have gotten exactly what I wanted, which is an improvement over my French!

Second, they make excellent suggestions about local food and wine, rarely suggesting the more expensive or exotic. The wine, like the food is simple, delcious, and hearty, as one would expect.

Last observation, for today...they actually like checkered table clothes and little pots of geraniums, that is not just a Federal Hill thing! This brings me great pleasure. Sal (my Dad asked that he be referred to this way while in Italy, since Chuck is not an option here....I indulge him because he is so sweet and he cracks me up) and I had a great simple salad dinner last night with a beautiful Nero d'Avola and they had checks, geraniums, and still superb food and service.

Will continue to post as I move along my journey...chin chin, Maria, in Italian, that's Maria