Enjoying the Tastes of Florence at the Mercato Centrale

It has been impossible to keep up with all the things that I want to share with you. Beauty around every corner: visually stunning, gastronomically exciting, tactile wonders, scarves and leather on every corner, this city appeals to all of my senses. Today, I am lunching at the Mercato Centrale, which is a beautiful open market in Florence's city center. Built in a renovated station near the Piazzo San Lorenzo, the market offers local products from vendors on the first floow, and an open eatery upstairs....it is like my tiny shop on a sublime scale. (yes, I am a little excited). There is live music playing, a mix of folk and reggea, food options are abundant and so beautifully presented, the building a museum in its own right, and the crowd bustling and excited.

I chose Tosca Ristaurante, where the staff is welcoming and friendly, willing to patiently listen to my Italian with a smile, and offer suggestions if you ask: I chose the salmon and farro salad, which will surely be our our summer menu, and spaghetti con le cozze and a glass of vermintino. The open kitchen is so fun to sit at and just watch the activity.

"Va bene," she asks..."Buono!"