Making new friends

To my very good fortune, I must add two new friends: Gilles and Amaury, who own and operate a lovely and growing guest house in Avignon. When you are traveling to Avignon, you absolutely must stay there. They are located on the Imapsse Jean-Pierre, a small dead end street, just blocks from the Palace of the Popes. The suites are lovely, comfortable, and luxurious, every detail is beautifully designed, and as functional as they are stunning. Okay, enough about the lodgings themselves, it is the people that make it special. Amaury and Gilles invited me for dinner last night, before I left for Chateauneuf de Pape. We ate in their kitchen, a simple meal of cheeses, salad, and home made breads (yes, three separate loaves & all delicious).

Everything was delicious, but was particularly great was their company. I am best in the company of good own strength and sense of self is often a reflection of my friends and family, who love me, listen to me, and break bread with me. That is what this trip is all about, so meeting these guys was a real treat.

Along with Thomas, they are running their guest house with the idea that they will welcome people into heir home to enjoy all that the South of France offers. They speak a little English and I a little French, so we managed with a Franglais, and their was not shortage of conversation!

We had such a good time that they took me to the antiques market this morning in Villeneuve. This is a must stop for any tour of Provence. The town itself is just dripping with charm, just stunning, and the Saturday morning market is full of great, interesting stuff...but for me the real find was my first French Croissant...

it was worth waiting for...the owner explained, "you cannot get this in the US," and I agreed. Thankfully, we cannot. I adore Pain D'Avignon, but I must have a reason to visit France;)

friends, wine, and croissant!