returning to beautiful Newport

Reentry is always a little rough, but for the most part my transition back into the world of work, life, bills, walking the dogs, and just getting things done has been pretty seamless. Someone pointed out to me today that the reason was fairly plain, what I did in France, I do here everyday; that is to say that I spend my days learning and talking about food and wine, sharing with great people my experience of the wines and gourmet foods I sell, and just enjoying is not bad gig. This week I shared some of my experiences with a great group of people at wine class.

It was interesting to taste side by side the wines from four appellations in the Cotes de Rhone. The varietals are largely the same, soil quite similar, though slight variations in how rocky, etc, and the techniques very similar. Each of the four wine makers are committed to natural methods of growing and vinification, they all believe passionately in making good wine, simply put, yet, each wine was distinctly its own character and flavor.

For me, the Lirac is powerful and intense without being weighty, the Vacqueyras is a bit richer in texture with lots of garrigue and floral notes, the Visan is lighter and much more elegant with bright fruit, and the Gigondas is a bit more wild and rustic. The funny thing is that each had a vote as the favorite...which is to say that wine is all about your personal experience. You will just have to try them all;)

It is good to be home, thank you for the warm welcome, cheers!