a little bistro in Paris

There is a danger in Paris of trying to see too much in a single day, and we were guilty today of that very temptation. After walking for I don' t know how many hours, Cyndie and I finally collapsed in a bistro a short distance from our apartment. The beauty of Parisian bistro's is that they are almost always very good. Let me clarify, the food does not surprise you, nor, as I am given to say, does it rock my world, but it is damn good. And, tonight was no exception, we had a wonderfully satisfying meal...

A super delicious, fresh salad of avocado and tomato on a bed of frisee, followed by duck confit and roasted potatoes, and a bottle of pretty surprisingly good inexpensive bordeaux. Yes, the bordeaux was surprising, at 27€! I am usually reluctant to order cheap bordeaux, but the owner highly recommended, and I am always hopeful (despite all evidence otherwise...and, yes, I still believe in love, too!), but my faith is intact; the wine was delicious. It had a nice full flavor but still an elegance that was just right with the duck confit. Let's just say, it held up way better than the Italian boots that I thought would support me all day;)

We sat for a couple of hours, no pressure to rush at all, so we rested our tired feet (I will not share a picture of those!), and enjoyed the quiet familiarity of a good local neighborhood restaurant.

It reminded me of Le Bistro...it is good to be reminded of old friends.

Yes, if you are wondering, Paris is still Paris,

santé, Maria